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At Stubbees, we believe that there is a whole lot more to the food industry than just providing great tasting food. We believe that as a business that relies on the resources of a living animal we must do our part to ensure that honeybees are here to stay. That is why as a green business we are proud to support research facilities across the U.S. who discover new ways to protect our honeybees. Honeybees are the infrastructure of our food supply because of their ability to pollinate crops. About 1/3 of all food is produced with the help of honeybees! That's a lot of work for one of nature's tiniest creatures.

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Stubbees believes heavily, as a agribusiness, that we should do our part in the food industry to protect our pollinators. Every little bit counts when preserving our natural resources, which is why, when you buy Stubbees, not only a you supporting American beekeepers, but you are also contributing to research to combat Colony Collapse Disorder, otherwise known as CCD.

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Stubbees uses only raw honey, that is produced right here in the United States, and only from hives located at nature preserves and farms that are free of pesticides as well. By sourcing smart we are not only able to promote honeybee health but jobs here at home as well!