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It All Started with a Boy & Two Hives

Growing up Justin has always been fascinated with animals and how they contribute to our well being. So when the time came for him to get a car for his 16th birthday it was obvious he would choose 2 beehives instead! This choice for him wasn't hard it was instantaneous! Soon those 2 hives would grow far beyond than what Justin had originally intended, those two hives with the help of his family soon became a business dedicated towards bringing new life to a century's old super food, honey!

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In 1994 Justin was born in Orlando, Florida and grew up in Apopka also known as the foliage capital of the world. So from the beginning Justin seemed born to be a beekeeper. He has always been interested in plants and animals from a young age and even wanted to be a veterinarian. As he got older his interest in  honeybees and the delicious honey they produced grew. That was the inception of the idea of Stubbees but honey wasn't the only thing that was on his mind. He also began to discover the plight of our honeybees. Justin sees Stubbees as an opportunity not only to innovate the food and grocery store shelves but also as tool for taking care of our environment. 



How the name Stubbees (STUH-BEES) came to be.
Growing up in the Stubblefield household also meant that you inherited the nickname "Stubby"
given by family and friends both in and out of school so to extend the name naturally to
Stubbees seemed a perfect fit as we want everyone to be apart of the Stubbees family!